Story time at Ikea

So this past Wednesday we where at ikea. We happened to walk past a face painter. My kids eyes widened and a smile slipped across there face. The¬†question I knew was coming came next, “Mummy can we get our face painted?!” Que puppy dog eyes. Mum award of the year I said yes. I stood … More Story time at Ikea

Halloween 2017

Being from Canada I am a bit of a Halloween fanatic! Usually I like to dress up and go party with my friends. The last two years I’ve stayed home, handed out candy and went trick or treating with my darlings. Its a completely different kind of fun obviously but still so much fun none … More Halloween 2017


I’ve got some super-duper exciting news to share…. OK, OK its probably not quite as exciting for you as it is for me!…. Drumroll…. I booked a ticket to Canada!!!! I haven’t been “home” in over 2 years. Thats the longest I’ve ever gone so the excitement level is pretty high. Also none of my … More Surprise!

Turning 5.

My chubby cheeked princess turned 5 this week! The birthday celebrations where in full swing. We had a small party (8 kids) at our house and played party games from pass the parcel to musical statues. You know the standard games! It was great fun and didn’t cost us a fortune like so many parties … More Turning 5.