Fitbit review

So for my birthday back in July my husband bought me a fitbit. Now I’ve had it for a couple of months I thought I’d tell you what I love about it or don’t love about it! I have the Alta. Nothing overly fancy but I don’t feel although I am missing out on not … More Fitbit review

Crafting with kids

My monkeys love to make stuff. Anything really. I often wake up in the mornings and they’ve found their iPad and looked up kids DIY’s on youtube and are recreating lord knows what. It’s great really finding all sorts of treasures they’ve made! Today we made a few things: Firstly we made an aquarium out … More Crafting with kids


I’ve got some super-duper exciting news to share…. OK, OK its probably not quite as exciting for you as it is for me!…. Drumroll…. I booked a ticket to Canada!!!! I haven’t been “home” in over 2 years. Thats the longest I’ve ever gone so the excitement level is pretty high. Also none of my … More Surprise!

Turning 5.

My chubby cheeked princess turned 5 this week! The birthday celebrations where in full swing. We had a small party (8 kids) at our house and played party games from pass the parcel to musical statues. You know the standard games! It was great fun and didn’t cost us a fortune like so many parties … More Turning 5.

Day out in Maryport

Although Maryport has the reputation and nick name of “Scaryport” I must say I love it there. I love walking along the sea front, doubling back on ourselves up the hill and walking through the old town square. The houses are all painted in the most gorgeous bright pastel colours. They are huge and full … More Day out in Maryport