Why is it that making babies do stupid things is so fun? My husband is constantly making our babes do silly things. I usually tend to roll my eyes at him and then laugh my head off. Best bit of it is the babes usually loves it. She has had a ride on our robot … More Why?

Travel diary: Egypt

Egypt a place so many people dream of going. A place which is no longer thought of a “safe” place to travel to…well guess what everyone. I put on my big girl pants and got on that plane to Egypt! Our trip to Egypt was filled with many amazing moments…I seriously can’t cover it all … More Travel diary: Egypt

Halloween 2017

Being from Canada I am a bit of a Halloween fanatic! Usually I like to dress up and go party with my friends. The last two years I’ve stayed home, handed out candy and went trick or treating with my darlings. Its a completely different kind of fun obviously but still so much fun none … More Halloween 2017