Family day out: Jedburgh, Scotland

Jedburgh is a town in the Scottish borders. There is an endless amount to do there! I only scratched the surface but hope to go back to do some more of the sights. Lordy knows I can never pass up visiting a castle!! I drove past the Jedburgh castle which looked quite fab:


Just didn’t have the time to check it out! Instead we went straight to Jedburgh abbey.  We lucked out and had a lovely volunteer guide show and tell us all sorts of things about the abbey! She also told us about local dishes and events they have on! Really lovely lady who made the day a 5/5!

I will say Jedburgh abbey isn’t the most buggy friendly place! As there where two of us adults we managed to get by lifting the buggy up and down the stairs.. but it’s definitely something worth mentioning!

IMG_3998 2.jpgHistory buff in the making!


They do give out little audio sets that you can walk around and listen to. I would get one of those! This place has a really interesting story… but if the guide is there speak to them! I always find it’s better speaking to an actual person at these places.

The abbey didn’t have doors or windows everywhere as they wanted it to be an open place, meaning there where no secrets here. The way they used to live in the abbey it’s a wonder they had people wanting to stay. Imagine how cold it would be without doors/windows. They where also only allowed one meal a day and weren’t really allowed to speak. They had to wake up and all sorts of funny times to pray!


Here is a model of how it used to look! (was a lot bigger then the wreck it is now.) But there is a lot more to see then what my photos show you! Anyways I won’t tell you everything just incase you find yourself here you can find it all out for yourself!



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