Family day out: Kennedy Castle (Ruins ) And Gardens – Stranraer, Scotland

I had never been to the far west of Scotland. It’s a couple hours away from where we currently live so we thought. Let’s go explore! Stranraer is where the ferry terminal is which goes to Northern Ireland.

We picked the right day to go as it chucked down with rain all day at home. And we didn’t get a drop of rain throughout our little adventure to Stranraer.

We went to Kennedy Castle and gardens. It was just after a long weekend and the peak season of the rhododendrons. They where still in full bloom but we practically had the place to ourself! These 300 year old gardens aren’t something to be missed! They cover 75 acres!!!! So make sure you put on your comfy shoes!!

Upon entrance (which is a very reasonable amount!!!) You receive a map of the place. There are all sorts of different coloured routes depending how far you are willing to walk!

Now truth be told I am certainly not an advent gardening or no many of the different plants names but even I could appreciate the beauty and vas amounts of different stuff they had here. From monkey puzzle trees, rhododendrons in every shade imaginable, and stunning lilly-ad covered ponds!

As I walked around this fairytale setting I did have to wonder if they get many people coming for wedding photos. It is simply majestic and would be a fab place to get some beautiful pictures!!

There is a couple of photos from the gardens, totally not doing them any justice but atleast it gives you some sort of idea!

They also have the castle ruin, lochs, walled gardens, land sculptures and many more plants, shrubs and trees!

Anyways, before I try and type anymore about gardens which I’m not so well informed on let me just say this. If you are in the area it is worth stopping by! The drive into the place itself is absolutely stunning!!

NOTE!!!!!!…. There is only one toilet in this 75acre garden!!!!! Make sure you use it before you start wandering off!

Sincerely from the pregnant lady who always needs a pee!




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