Day out in Maryport

Although Maryport has the reputation and nick name of “Scaryport” I must say I love it there. I love walking along the sea front, doubling back on ourselves up the hill and walking through the old town square. The houses are all painted in the most gorgeous bright pastel colours. They are huge and full of character! After having a little glance in the windows and imagining the people who used to live there where like. I like to stop off in town for something to eat. In my opinion Maryport is home to some of the best fish and chips at  Cross Quays Fish And Chips

While I’m talking about food I must mention the Lifeboat Inn.  Back when my Dad was visiting we stopped in there for a roast dinner. YUM! It was tasty, the staff where very friendly and the price was great!

On our lastest visit to Maryport we took the kids to the aquarium. It was good fun and I really liked that mini golf was included in this. Who doesn’t love a bit of mini golf seriously? My husband and I can be known to be slightly competitive when it comes to games… So naturally this turned into quite a competitive match. As competitive as can be with a 6-year-old, 4-year-old and 2 month old with us. Anyways I just need to write it down… I won!! 🙂 Added bonus was that it was Maryports blues/jazz festival so we got to enjoy live, great music while playing mini golf. After we sat at the massive playground grooving out while the kids ran around and tired themselves out endlessly. All in all another fab day spent in surprisingly pleasant Maryport.



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