Day trip to Glasgow

Last week I had a lovely little road trip to Glasgow. There is a bit a million and one things I would have liked to have done but with 3 little kids we kept the day simple. Keeping the day simple meant no kids got lost, no one got injured, and no meltdowns! Talk about winning. Although a bird turd landed on the buggy nearly missing baby Truly’s face. That just would have been crap. Literally.

What did we get up to in Glasgow you ask? Well obviously we went to TIM HORTONS! The Uk’s first proper location. The excitement level was high. What I ordered they didn’t have in stock (This happens 90% of the time I go anywhere its sooooo flipping annoying! My dearest husband finds it hilarious….)  The menu didn’t have much selection but what they did was good! I left with a full belly, smile on my face and a dozen doughnuts doing a balancing act on top of the buggy while trying to weave through the insane amounts of people! Needless to say doughnuts ended up all over the ground. 5 second rule right?!


It was nice to see downtown Glasgow in all its glory and see what shops/restaurants there where. It was heaving with people though and I was feeling quite stressed out with the thought of losing the kids in the crowds. So we headed back to the car and hit up the botanical gardens. WOW!!!! What a place! Absolutely gorgeous grounds and the green houses will just take your breath away. I will be the first to admit I have no green thumb and my knowledge of plants is next to none. Regardless it was lovely to have a look around all the different plants! It was one of the hottest days in Glasgow this year so we couldn’t stay in the green houses for to long at the baby was looking like a hot potato about to pop! We spent some time relaxing in the park and hit up the playground too before heading back to the car for the journey home.


We really didn’t get to do much but I did enjoy the day tremendously! I would really like to go back to Glasgow again soon perhaps without the kids and check out the cathedral and some of the gorgeous museums! If and when I return I will be sure to write about it here! Stay tuned! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Day trip to Glasgow

  1. Oh those botanical garden photos are swoonworthy, it looks so nice there and you got some stunning shots! Must take a trip over the border and visit Glasgow as it looks amazing and I didn’t know they had a Tim Horton’s now – I only just heard of it recently, but apparently the stuff from them is amazing. – Tasha


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