28 today!

Well, its July 24th meaning its my birthday!!! Goodbye 27 Hello 28!


Instead of reflecting on the past years I thought I’d focus on the future. 28 things I want to do.

  1. Have baby #4.
  2. Walk 10,000 steps the majority of days.
  3. Keep up with blogging.
  4. Volunteer for my kids rainbows… even if its just once.
  5. Go to Canada, its been to long since I’ve seen my family.
  6. Visit a few more counties in England. Need to make my goal of visiting all 48 counties one day!
  7. Teach the girls to cook – this starts this summer. I intend to get them to help with one meal a day in the summer holidays.
  8. Be patient.
  9. Become a more confident driver.
  10. Make our house more personal to us.
  11. Develop my new friendships further.
  12. Complete Poppy and Emilies baby books.
  13. Plan a surprise for my better half.
  14. Buy everything for Christmas before December 1st and avoid buying stuff just for buying it.
  15. Help Poppy as much as possible with learning the guitar.
  16. Donate the clothes I don’t wear.
  17. Be better at sending cards.
  18. Clear out personal belongings in our house in Amsterdam.
  19. Get a piano.
  20. Drink more water.
  21. Be content.
  22. Go on a sister/sibling trip.
  23. Share this blog with someone who knows me in real life
  24. Unplug more.
  25. Explore my own city.
  26. Be a more chilled out person (I think this becomes easier year by year)
  27. Revamp my wardrobe!
  28. Last but not least read more.

Baring in mind not all of these things are completely in my control… but lets see how many things I can tick off my list in the next year! #goals


3 thoughts on “28 today!

  1. Happy Birthday to you lovely! I hope you’ve had a lovely day and enjoyed yourself. I really like this idea of making a list of things you want to do/achieve in your next year, that’s such a good idea. I hope you get to go back to Canada this year, that’s such a beautiful part of the world and I’d love to go one day and of course, I hope you can make another baby a reality too. I feel like these posts are always really helpful too because they’re inspiring and encourage others to chase their dreams too. Love it! And here’s to a very happy year of being 28 for you! – Tasha


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