Somerset – Visit all 48 English counties

I’d like to eventually be able to say I have visited all 48 counties England has. Not just drive through but spend some time, do at least one thing in each county. I don’t intend to do one mega trip crossing places off… My bank account simply won’t allow for that. So my idea is to slowly cross the counties off and blog about each county/what I got up to. If you have any recommendations of things I simply must do in a specific place please let me know!!!

Somerset has some amazing places, which are some of the must see places in the UK. So naturally with all the hype built up about the city of Bath we headed there. I will tell you now it didn’t disappoint! Bath is a fairly small city so its quite easy to explore by foot with this being said as per usual we didn’t have enough time to explore all the things Bath has to offer but here is what we did do:

We wondered around the town centre checking out the high street and the cute bouqtiques. We checked out the Royal Crescent.



Stopped at a tasty bakery for a bite to eat and admired the beautiful Abbey.

24111EF3-9957-49C9-9ADE-0778EE560907.JPG The majority of our time was spent going around the Roman Baths (Even the kids enjoyed this!) There is just so much history here!!!


I will pre-warn you the line to get into the Roman Baths was rather long… so prepare yourself for a lot of standing around waiting.


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