Family day out: Making chocolate in Dumfries & Galloway

On the weekend we ventured out to Scotland, we had a nice day planned consisting of being outside the entire day… Mother nature had others plans for us as the clouds rumbled in and the rain began to fall we decided to go to the: Cocoabean Company

It was a FAB day out! The kids did a chocolate making class where they got to make three different chocolate items. They each received a hair net and apron to wear. I know I am biased but they just looked so cute!!



While making the chocolate they had a grin on from ear to ear. The staff where all really lovely and very good with children. There was a great big indoor soft play area, a shop (with the most amazing chocolates ever… I can seriously vouch for that!!) and a cafe. If all this wasn’t enough they had a huge playground outside plus a little panning for gold area set up. They had a little toddler area outside sectioned off for the smaller ones. It really offered something for everyone and I simply can not recommend this place anymore if you’re looking for a day out with children!


The one con is it does kinda feel like it is in the middle of no where. However with that being said I was all to happy to gaze out the window wondering how old the buildings where… what life used to be like… and just get lost in my thoughts. It is worth the drive!

Unbelievably being about an hour away from home and in another country we bumped into people we knew there! That felt really serial to me! The UK feels more and more like home every day!



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