Why are things like this still happening?

Equal rights. Its something we all want! Just because you are a certain gender does not mean opportunities nor judgement should be placed any differently.

Unfortunately my husband got a telling off and I’m certain this is because he was a man. His friend got accused of being a pedofile just yesterday. Want to hear more? Great!!! Let the story time begin:

Last year our children went to a different school, a bigger school in a bigger city. We where dropping off our youngest at nursery when we spotted our other daughter playing outside. My hubby poked his head over the fence and said hello to our daughter and chatted to her for perhaps a minute or two. The lunch lady then shouted something very rudely at him to get away… A bit unnecessary if you ask me. When it came time to pick the kids up from school the teacher said my husband mustn’t do that, the police could have easily been called and gave a very stern telling off. My husband was not pleased with this at all. What a sad, sad world it is when a parent can’t say “hello, hows your day going” to their own child. I can guarantee they would have not had the same reaction had it been me who poked my head over the fence.

Now about my Husbands friend, lets call him G. G is a lovely man, a lovely father and a great photographer. With all this heat we have had he took his son to the park and thought he would bring along his camera to get some nice snaps of his boy. There he is snapping away pictures of his son when he gets interrupted by a rude women. She begins throwing a million questions at him. Why are you taking pictures? Can I see the pictures? Why are you taking so many pictures? So sure enough G explains he’s just taking pictures of his son, and shows her the pictures. Apparently dissatisfied this women then takes it upon herself to call the police insinuating he is a pedofile. Sure enough the police turn up to investigate the situation further. G obviously very innocent in all this is very insulted and upset but the police side with him and know that he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

Now the question is if this where a woman taking pictures would this entire situation have played out like this? I highly doubt it. Both these stories urk me to no end!!!!!  Lets all take this as a great reminder not to judge someone because of their gender wether it be female or male.


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