School summer fairs…

Perhaps this is a bit of a sad confession. I bloody love school summer fairs. Maybe in admitting this it might be a little telling of what my social life is actually like these days! I’m not entirely sure what it is about them but everyone is always in the best moods. I know my kids enjoy the second we arrive to the second we leave. Perhaps happy kids = happy parents?


Maybe its the smell of the delicious BBQ or all the lush cakes. The pimms and beer probably add to the atmosphere. Selling alcohol at a school event will forever remain really bizarre to me. This would be a major nono in Canada.  My 4-year-old even managed to win a prize of a bottle of wine at the summer fair last night. Luckily the stall lady brought over the wine to me otherwise I can already imagine the bottle shattering and wine going everywhere. I love the casual attitude to alcohol here in England! We don’t drink, or should I say very rarely do we drink but it’s always nice to have some in the house to offer!

IMG_2397.jpgWhat kid doesn’t love a good pony ride!

The best bit of the summer fair last night wasn’t the prizes, or even the cakes, it wasn’t watching everyone give their best shot at the wellie wanging. It was my dear hubbies face when he won a trophy for the paper airplane contest! You bet that trophy is now proudly displayed front and centre on the mantelpiece in our living room. Once a boy always a boy at heart right!? IMG_3672.JPG

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