Norfolk – Visit all 48 English counties

I’d like to eventually be able to say I have visited all 48 counties England has. Not just drive through but spend some time, do at least one thing in each county. I don’t intend to do one mega trip crossing places off… My bank account simply won’t allow for that. So my idea is to slowly cross the counties off and blog about each county/what I got up to. If you have any recommendations of things I simply must do in a specific place please let me know!!!

I first visited Norfolk quite a few years back for my husband’s family reunion. We spent plenty of time exploring nice gardens, soaking up the sun on the beaches, and enjoying the madness of the arcades. It was great. Norfolk in my mind is one of the best places to go for a family holiday. C4FFD4FF-0AB1-47B3-85A9-A3C069F99F89.JPGThe sandy beaches where really lovely. How cute are the beach huts?!283257_10150763456990393_3287303_n.jpg
My hubbies cousin made a seaweed beach rose!

We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast called Oyster house. Although it was some years ago that we stayed there now, our stay was very comfortable and the hosts where very pleasant. I would stay again.


When my Dad was visiting we decided to take a road trip to Blickling Hall in Norfolk. We stopped for some great pub lunch and spent the day exploring all the nooks and crannies  at Blickling. If I follow my ancestry far enough back my great-great-great-great…. Grandpa used to own Blickling Hall. We found our old family crest and my maiden name plastered all over the place which was quite exciting to see. I just wonder where on earth did my blood line went wrong? That place could have been all mine…. if only!


We tried to book a family holiday to Norfolk for August however going in peak season it was just to pricey so have opted out for a stay-cation this summer instead. If you haven’t been to Norfolk yet its worth a visit. And don’t miss Blickling Hall!!

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