Eating out as a family – kids eat free!

Sometimes when we want to eat out we end up at Mcdonald’s. Who doesn’t? It’s so easy, and tasty! Nothing is as good as some salty McDonald fries! However the price soon adds up! For us all to eat at mcdonald’s it costs roughly £20. My new discovery… MORRISONS CAFE costs us £11!

£11!!!!! This is including a lamb shank meal which if I do dare say was pretty tasty!


As tasty as McDonald’s salty fries are lamb shank is always going to trump McDonald’s.

After 3 or 3:30 pm Morrison cafe has kids eat free if accompanying someone who is buying a meal worth £5 or more. The kids meals are good value. The main meal (my girls opted for pizza) comes with a bit of salad, cookies, a drink, and a bag of fruit.

So next time you and the family fancy a cheap easy meal out… consider the Morrison’s cafe! To me it is a hidden gem that I reckon most families wouldn’t think of going out to eat at.


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