Life lately.

I know having a newborn makes life hectic. Thank goodness I had prescheduled a few blog posts! Wouldn’t want you all missing my lovely reading material or anything right? 😉 Ha ha.

Truly is now 4 weeks old! So far – touch wood she is an easy baby! Long let it last! We had half term last week so as expected that was just a bit of a manic week with no real down time. We had a few visitors over the last couple weeks. My friends came from the netherlands! How sweet it was to see them! It was just the pick me up I needed. I unexpectedly ended up in hospital! They suspect I had an infection in the womb lining but couldn’t be 100% sure. While I’m talking about my hospital stay I must say the food really wasn’t all that bad!!! With that being said the first thing I did upon leaving the hospital was go for a Toby’s. If your not UK based you might not know about Toby’s. They specialise in roast dinners and it always leave you in a food coma. In other words its amazing!

After getting home from hospital I think I’ve been to the doctor six more times within 2 weeks for other unexpected illness/problems. When I add into account my daughter has been into the hospital this month to see a doctor a couple times this month. I feel like our family has had our fair share of health problems for the month and am ready to turn a new page. A healthy page! I’m currently on another dose of antibiotics and hopefully by the weekend they should have kicked whatever infection I have… however if they haven’t it will be another stay at the hospital for me.  So keep your fingers crossed for me that everything goes away STAT. If anything this month has made me appreciate the NHS more than ever. No I’m not just saying that because my brother-in-law is a doctor!! I just really can not imagine the bill I would be paying for all the treatment!

SO what is life with three kids? Hectic.  Trying to take the time to do homework while trying to deal with dinner, and the baby and bed times, and after school activities has easily become the hardest part of the day. There just literally isn’t enough time in the day!

Driving around with three kids in the car is strange! Pushing a buggy again is strange! Having cold cups of teas and scorching hot food again is weird. (Hot food because you need to down it quickly while the babe is settled.) Theres that other hack. Get your partner to chop all your food up for you so you can hold the babe while you eat your dinner one handed.  Alone time? What is that.

Would I change it? NO WAY! Still miss smitten over here. I just can’t describe how content, happy and settled I feel knowing our family is complete now.

Sincerely, my house is a mess (I mean a bomb has hit it) and I don’t know whats for dinner.


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