TBT – Engagement ring

Thought I’d do a little throw back thursday story for today. Lets rewind to when I was somewhere between 10-12 years old. A very easily influenced preteen. I used to love watching a good chick flick. Nearly every chick flick I seemed to watch during this period had Tiffany’s jewellery in it. Thats when I decided I needed a man who would buy me jewellery from tiffany’s one day.

Fast forward to when I was 19 years old. I logged onto the tiffany’s website for the first time. I couldn’t believe the prices. Seriously what a rip off right?!? That didn’t stop be scrolling through the pages upon pages of gems. I spotted that they did heart shaped engagement rings. I had never seen anyone with a heart shape engagement ring. How unique and sweet is that. From that moment on I knew exactly what I wanted my engagement ring to look like some day down the road. (Little did I know that day wasn’t really THAT far off.)  Heart shaped and from tiffany’s! It looks very similar to this:  the ring.

Of course I never really thought I’d get the ring of my dreams but to my surprise when I was 20 my now husband purposed with a heart shaped tiffany’s ring. Sometimes dreams do really come true!!!!

I can remember my sister’s telling me that a heart shaped diamond was a silly thing to get and that I would outgrow the “cuteness” of it. To this day I still love my ring however I might have gone about picking my ring a bit differently. Of course Tiffany rings have some of the best diamonds you can get, purest quality/cut and all that jazz.

However to chose a ring just by a brand is rather silly. With rings in particular its not like anyone is going to know its a Tiffany’s ring unless I specifically tell them. I would rather my husband had saved some money and bought similar else where OR perhaps I could have got a bigger diamond elsewhere. Mind you I don’t always think bigger is better. Especially if you have really skinny fingers!!


Engagement rings really come down to such personal preference. Have you got yours picked out? Or if you are already engaged/married do you have any regrets about your ring? I also think choosing white gold, gold, or platinum is such a hard chose to make! You don’t realise this until your engaged but matching your jewellery all together becomes so much harder when your limited to one certain colour! At least mix and matching different shades of jewellery is not such a major no no anymore.


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