Lets get crafty: Wedding card.

Someone near and dear to me is getting married this month back in Canada! Unfortuently with it being the same month as having our new little bundle of joy it wasn’t practical for me to fly half way round the world to attend the wedding. One of the big downfalls of having friends who live so far away is you often have to miss out on the fun events like weddings! Thats another rant, for another day. More to the point I wanted to send the new happy couple a wedding card. I thought sending a home made one would be nicer! So I hoped over to google for some inspiration. This is what I found:

Cute right? I think so!

So off to Hobby craft I went. I bought some card, a letter stencil and a very nifty finger knife cutter.

I printed off a stencil and started cutting the shapes out. This took ages and isn’t for anyone who has a lack of patience.


and drum roll please…. here is the finished inside:


I was really pleased with how the inside turned out. Then it came time to do the front of the card…. More cutting… Uhhhh….by this time any patience for this card had gone out of the window. #worldsmostimpatientgirl


This was the inspiration for the front of the card…  with the wedding date quickly approaching I really just needed to finish this card off. With that being said I don’t think the front turned out half as good as the middle of the card. To put it in simple honest terms. You can tell its home made, but made with love. 😉 As  the wedding date was quickly approaching I was in a mad rush to send it off once I finished the card. I completely forgot to take a picture of the front of it.

I’d like to say I am going to only ever send out home made cards from here on out… but realistically… I think it will be a long time till I make another home made card! I say that now.. but perhaps for fathers day next month! Just with a much simpler design! I am thinking kids thumb prints? Handprints? Yeah something much less time consuming!!!

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