Nottinghamshire– Visit all 48 English counties

I’d like to eventually be able to say I have visited all 48 counties England has. Not just drive through but spend some time, do at least one thing in each county. I don’t intend to do one mega trip crossing places off… My bank account simply won’t allow for that. So my idea is to slowly cross the counties off and blog about each county/what I got up to. If you have any recommendations of things I simply must do in a specific place please let me know!!!

We loaded up the car including a picnic, the dog, and kids and set off for a day out in Nottinghamshire. We went to Sherwood forest and had a lovely walk throughout the woods. There is a whooping 450 acres worth of forest to discover.

4B5B2044-5F46-4CC0-9286-1A4B2A656546.JPGHere is the “Major Oak.” Not just any tree, its voted England’s tree of the year. It’s extremely old and is said to have provided shelter for Robin Hood himself back in the day.



After consuming our picnic, tree climbing and exploring we bought the kids a little bow and arrow each so they could pretend they were robin hoods themselves.


From here we went to a nice english heritage property nearby Rufford Abbey. It was a nice place to explore and play hide and seek in the gardens! The cafe did however serve a rather terrible scone. On a scale from 1-10 it was probably a -2. So if you end up here… don’t order the scone whatever you do!


Then we headed to what claims to be the oldest inn, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem. It is described as an ancient pub built into stone caves with a charming, wonky interior and resident ghosts (plus food of course.) It dates back to 1189AD!!! I can’t say that we spotted the resident ghost but it was somewhere very quaint and different to go to. Time flew by and we where unable to explore the Castle which is literally just above this inn. Had we had more time I would have like to do just that.



After all this we were done with Nottinghamshire for the day. It seems like a lovely part of the country being so centrally located! Full of history, and lots of wide open spaces left for nature!

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