My top 5 youtubers

This is my guilty pleasure. I’m 27, I have a family, and a household to run! I should not be wasting the amount of time I do on watching youtube. I just can’t help myself I am totally addicted!! Please tell me I’m not the only one this old still watching youtubers and would probably fangirl right out if I ever saw any of them!

So who are my current favourites to watch?

Karissa Pukas genuine and real, I admire her for being who she is and appearing not to give to many fucks if you agree with her opinions or not. Not to mention she has incredible style! Also I used to live in the same town as her. I remember her when she was about 8 years old? It’s nice to see how well someone from my small town has done for themselves!

Sailing La Vagabonde is the channel I get most excited about getting a notification for a new video. I’ve followed them from the start of their youtube journey where Riley buys a boat and teaches himself to sail. He falls in love on his journey with Elayna. They make such a lovely couple. You get to see all sorts of wonderful places of the world on their adventures sailing from sea to sea. I find myself learning lots of random information from watching their episodes. It’s a very real and raw channel. You see them go throw shitstorms of what seems like everything breaking on the boat. To upgrading to a catamaran!

Kalyn Nicholson just the most relatable girl ever. Not just because she’s Canadian. She just seems so nice and like the best friend everyone would want in their life! I must mention that she is absolutely stunning. Long blonde perfect hair, tanned, banging body! Maybe she isn’t quite so relatable after all….. #girlcrush I also really like the way she edits all her videos. She’s just good vibes all around.

Fashion Mumblr fashion icon. This girl is SO stylish. She is major goals. She always manages to look classy, stylish and chic. She has a very girly style – if that’s not your think perhaps this youtuber isn’t for you. Personally I could never dream of having her wardrobe, so many white’s and pastel colours I would never be able to keep clean! She also travels LOADS so she does a bunch of travel vlogs. You can tell she puts a lot of time and effort into everything she does. Regular uploads ftw!

Fleur DeForce is just a classic. One of the biggest youtube names. She has this likeable factor about her. I find myself watching almost all her videos. I can’t say I admire her style as much as some of the other youtubers on my list. She is unique and great in her own special way. Her videos make sound like generic titles but she always makes them her own! She’s got a great personality which shines throw in any video! Not to mention a lovely husband!


I will leave it at that. I could seriously go on, and on… but then this post would turn from blog post to novel! Nobody signed up for that!

If youtube is your guilty pleasure please leave me your favourites in the comments!



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