My baby is finally here!!!

My third and final baby made its way into the world this weekend! Arriving 11 days late. On a sunny Sunday morning. A day before the dreaded inducement was booked for… It was Canadian’s mothers day! I think its safe to say I will never get such a precious gift as I received this mother’s day!

So how did it all kick off? Saturday night I went to bed hoping and wishing something was going to happen before Monday morning when they where going to induce me. Call me a hippy but I really wanted to keep everything about this birth as natural as possible. Throughout the night I kept waking up with little twinges but was able to doze back off. Come 7AM Sunday morning I was the first one awake and these twinges where becoming a bit more uncomfortable… I thought I’d have a nice warm bath and they would disappear. When I hopped out of the bath everyone in the household where still sleeping. I thought I’d better wake my husband up as the bath didn’t make the pains go away. I told him excitedly, “Today is going to be the day!!” He didn’t bat an eyelid. Little side note – my dear sweet lovely husband is a right pain in the ass to try to wake up. After a few to many nudges he got up and decided it was time to call his Mum to come over to babysit for us. (she is 1 hour away) In the meantime we called the hospital letting them know contractions where happening once every 5 minutes and we where going to come in. We were seen at the hospital around 9:20AM. They told me I was 7cm dilated and we wouldn’t be going anywhere.  We didn’t have change for a parking ticket until we had entered the hospital so my hubby asked if he had time to go put a ticket on the car. She advised him not to go and it’s quite a good thing she said for him not to leave my side. The contractions intensified quickly! Our baby was born at 10:17AM. The contractions and pushing stage where much more painful than giving birth with my two previous girls. Whoever said the more babies you have the easier it gets was a total liar! Mind you this was our biggest child yet at 8 pounds 4 ounces. I recall a lot of “f bombs” and “motherfs” slipped out of my mouth… which was a little different then the nice calm, quiet labours I’ve had before.  Luckily the midwives didn’t seem to mind my truckers mouth!

As soon as the baby was out they put it on me. (Which of course I had wanted…BUT it all happened so fast I never managed to change into my nightie I had packed in my hospital bag) I was literally in the same clothes I had walked into the hospital in! That top was officially ruined!

I quickly asked is it a boy or a girl!??! Most people bet on it being a boy. I personally thought girl – perhaps because my Mum had 3 girls first. Anyways I am pleased to say it was another baby girl!!!! A GIRL!!!!!

I was as pleased as punch! Although I probably would have been equally as pleased if it were a boy. As cliché’ as it is to say as long as its healthy who cares about the gender!

That was a strange sentence to write. At first I wrote “who cares about the sex!” I couldn’t quite bring myself to write that now could I!!!! Gender… much more appropriate word in that particular sentence!

So there you have it! How my precious girl made her grand entrance into the world! We named her Truly.

Sincerely the Mummy who is on serious cloud 9 at the moment. Besotted doesn’t even begin to describe the way I am feeling. Long let it last, I know those terrible 2’s will be here within a blink of an eye!

IMG_1977.jpgThe excited big sisters once they had news that baby Truly had arrived!


Me and my girls!

IMG_3177.jpgAll of us. Sorry hubby you are really outnumbered now!


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