Grown up colouring books.

You know those really pretty detailed colouring books for “relaxation” for adults. They are friggin’ genius. I certainly don’t have the patience to sit and colour for hours upon hours… but my kids on the other hand…..


How to keep a 4 and 6-year-old busy. Give them one of these super-duper detailed colouring books! Seriously it will give you lay ins in the morning, or a free hour or two during the day!


I took them to hobby craft and bought them 60 gel pens for a fiver! They now have every colour imaginable and some even have sparkles in! Gel pens give them so much better control than big felt tips which soak through the pages!


My Mum has recently had surgery on her foot so she is feeling pretty immobile so has taken to these colouring books to. I can see how it could be relaxing and a nice thing to do if you had nothing else to do. I wonder if they have taken off in care homes. I could imagine they would make an excellent birthday present or Christmas present for elderly relatives in care homes!

Good bless these colouring books, and the hours of entertainment they’ve given this household!!!



One thought on “Grown up colouring books.

  1. It’s true, they’re just brilliant and they provide hours of fun! I’ve got a Kew Botanical Gardens one, but I love the ones with the animal designs and I even saw a brilliant Doctor Who one which I’m tempted to get! – Tasha

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