Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver island is such a beautiful place. If you like wildlife, hikes, green, fresh air, beaches, surfing, whale spotting and good food I really recommend a little holiday to the island! Sadly we only had a couple short days to explore Victoria and didn’t get to go further a field. So until the next time we get to Vancouver Island I will have to get by, by drooling over my friends Facebook pictures who are lucky enough to live there!

Anyways, here is what we got up to!

There are two ways to get to the island. By boat or seaplane! Seaplane looks epic!! This time we took the ferry over. We aimed to catch the earliest ferry and was saw a beautiful sunrise on the way there. We spent most of the journey out on the open decks getting extremely windswept! #messyhairdontcare We kept our eyes wide open on the journey to the island and on the return journey but we where the unlucky buggers who didn’t see  any great wildlife sights. Although it is really not uncommon to spot a whale or two.

If I am totally honest the ferry ride was one of the best bits. The air was so fresh, although smelt a bit salty being in the ocean! The views where just simply gorgeous!


11923283_10156135661575393_2803060237015165800_o.jpgThe girls pretending they where on the titanic…. I have a photo of my husband and me doing this – he was standing behind me though more Jack/Rose style and I showed my Dad the photo. He said it looked a bit pornographic!!!! LOL So I have decided to not add that one in!


We stayed in a great little airbnb which had everything we needed and more. The host was great and I would really recommend staying at his apartment! (No… I don’t know the host but if a place is good I might as well give it a shout out right?!) You can check his modern 2 bedroom with patio apartment here: Victoria airbnb

We mooched around the lovely boutiques and shops downtown Victoria had to offer and ate some really good food.


This is a beaver tail a traditional dessert from Canada. It’s not for those on a diet it’s usually very sweet you can pick and choice your toppings of course. Needless to say its damn delicious and sent us all into a sugar high.

We spent a lot of time around the city harbour. They had a little show of tug boats going around in time to music, lots of street performers and even a market. We sat and watched all sorts of street performers while having ice creams on a glorious sunny day. Heres a picture of the parliament buildings which overlook the harbour:

We didn’t pack in loads to do in Victoria as we had 8 hours worth of jet lag and 2 little people with us! It was really relaxing. We walked around the waterfront to a place called, “fisherman’s wharf.” Another little gem you must visit. Especially if you enjoy seafood as much as I! Its got loads of floating huts along a dock with about a zillion food options! Everything is painted in super bright colours making it very picturesque!



Fishermans-wharf-feed-the-seals.jpgThe seals like to hang about waiting for people to throw them some food – which is always quite fun to see. You can see LOADS of minnows. The kids were amazed and kept hanging over the edge of the dock to see what they could spot. This gave my mummy heart basically a heart attack every time. Very nearby there is a huge playground so I used that as a bribe for them to stay close and not run on the dock we would hit the playground up next.

Heres what we had for lunch at the fisher mans wharf.

10869729_10156135661915393_6389796075298954109_o.jpgWhat you can’t tell is one of those deep friend fish looking things is actually salmon! Yummie! That bowl of clam chowder was what I went for. It was literally amazing and way to filling. #foodcomastrikesagain

I don’t want to say Victoria is full of hippies but the people there seem different somehow. More care free? More artsy? Or perhaps its more of an outdoors/slow-paced lifestyle. Either way it was great!

I can’t finish this post off without mentioning the famous, “Red fish Blue fish.” My brother spends quite a bit of time in Victoria and he swears by this place. Apparently its the It’s website describes it as an outdoor waterfront eatery in an up-cycled cargo container in Victoria’s Inner Harbour. A unique, fresh approach to the old fish ‘n’ chip shop. So if you happen to stumble upon it make sure you give it a go and let me know how it is!!!



One thought on “Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

  1. Definitely adding this one to my travel wish list! It looks stunning here! I love those views out across the water and I can just imagine how fresh it felt to be out there. Gorgeous photos and you and your family look and sound like you all had a lovely time there too. – Tasha

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