New trend alert. The Unicorns

Can someone please explain to me who these magical unicorns are? I am talking about all those Mum’s on instagram. Not the normal Mum’s like you or I but those *unicorn* mummies!

Those Mum’s who have pushed out half a dozen kids, raise half a dozen kids, can afford to dress them all in matching lovely outfits. Still have time to get a spray tan, the latest fashionable clothes for themselves and have perfect hair. The photos of their kids – ALL of the kids always look incredibly happy. Even the “terrible 2 year old.”

Judging by their instagram feed they dress there kids in white 90% of the time. I’d feel daring if I dressed a toddler in white one day out of the entire year! They take fantastic family vacations to the most beautiful places. I’m not talking about once every couple years, or even once a year they go somewhere new every month or so?!

Then theres the sneak peak into the beautifully chic houses they live in. Clean, stylish and always some fresh flowers in sight! 1st off when you have so many kids how do you manage to keep your house so tidy!!??? Where does all this money come from???!! The amazing food they serve up!!!

I want to tell myself this life they live is not real. It’s all an instagram show. However some things they can’t fake. The clothes, the vacation, the looking so put together while chasing round after so many kids!

I hope this post doesn’t come across as bitter. I can’t deny I am totally jealous though! I would love more vacations, and an unlimited budget to dress the kids, pamper myself, eat the freshest yummiest of food, live in a stylish house! I just can’t comprehend how SO many people can live this life style? Any insight? How do I get to where they are? Do they know of a secret forest where money is growing on trees?!

This seemingly trend of having so many kids is a bit of weird one to me. We are stopping at 3 kids for a few reasons. My sanity being a very good reason! If I was a million/billionaire things might be different. Perhaps in my next life?

Have you noticed this trend? Whenever I come across one of these *unicorn mum’s* on instagram I can’t help myself. Something in me makes me hit the follow button. I know it can’t be good for me. I can’t relate to these *unicorns* on any level.



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