Birthdays and due dates! May 3rd 2017.

It’s officially my DUE date! How is this possible? I feel completely unprepared although I think I have everything sorted for he/shes arrival! I wonder if its a case of you are never going to feel prepared no matter what you do. With having a new baby there is so many unknowns. How will the delivery go? What will the baby be like? Difficult from the get go? (I had a baby like that…) Easy from the get go? (Had one a bit like that too..) How will existing family members react to having a new sibling. In my case this time I keep wondering will it be a boy or a girl?! So many unpredictable questions. Will I kill my husband this time round? Of course I am joking but neither of us deal well with little sleep which leads me to referring to the first 3 months with a newborn as the “hate months.” Of course there is those lovely moments snuggling up with a newborn and having so much love in the house however being very real there is also a lot of attitude. Okay I will admit it’s probably usually more me with the attitude problem. Can I just say hormones? 🙂

So if that wasn’t exciting enough that it’s finally my due date how about the fact that its my daughters 6th birthday today!

We had her birthday party over the long weekend, cake, soft play, farm animals, quads, tractor rides and friends. It was a great day filled with lots of excitement, giggles and presents! Today after school her grandparents are coming over and we will have a BBQ for dinner, followed by cake! For her party we just bought a cake from Tesco but for today she likes us to make her a cake. She seriously loves looking back at all the pictures of her cakes. Anyways this year she requested a puppy cake! Here is this years masterpiece:

493671A8-BD11-40E4-814D-FDC78A477CBD.JPG(Don’t mind the bomb site of a kitchen)

Her main presents this year where a new bike and a net for the trampoline. After not having the trampoline set up for a year she was so excited to see it all set up this morning before school! She really got some great pressies this year! One of her friends actually got her a guitar!! I think pressure will be on for us to sign her up for some guitar lessons soon. She refers to it as her “rock guitar.” I have been woken up every morning since she received it by the sound of strumming! Thank goodness it wasn’t a drum set!!

Hope you all have an extra great Wednesday!





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