A very Canadian post.

Being a Canadian living in the  UK just got that much better. Do you know why? Any guesses?… No its not because we had snowflakes and its nearly May! No its not because I just found out there are actual ice hockey games I can go and watch if I fancy.

It’s because… TIM frickin HORTONS is coming to the UK!


There has been little popup tim horton trucks giving away hot coffee and timbits near London this week! The very first Tim Hortons is opening sometime in May in Glasgow! That isn’t so far away from me. I’d say under 2 hours… Is it worth a road trip? HECK yes it is!!!

I am so curious if they will manage to find a spot in the market over here. Will the prices still be low? Back home I love the soups, the banana nut muffin, the timbits and the sandwiches are really tasty too! I personally am not a coffee drinker but I sure hope they bring there icecaps out over here. They are probably one of the best selling things Timmies does!

So everyone please keep your fingers and toes crossed for this Canadian gal that Tim Hortons is a hit and they open one up a little bit more local to me very soon!!!


PS. I am sorry if reading this made you crave doughnuts. #sorrynotsorry



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