New York, New York.

New york, a place on so many’s hit list. Now I have been and seen what the fuss is all about I can honestly say its a great place to go for a vacation!

Would I chose to live there? No way! That’s just personal preference though! Over 8.5 Million people chose to live there!

What did I love about New York?

The shopping. OHHH the shopping! They have everything and anything you could ever want. So many different shops to check out! If your budget allows for it I would recommend visiting New York with a practically empty suitcase so you can fill it up with all the goodies you are bound to find! I must give a shout-out to Macey’s. The sheer size of it was overwhelming and incredible all at once.166100_10150392790905393_5660022_n.jpgThe famous wooden escalators inside Macey’s. It’s nearly 100 years old!


The food. Lets be real, all american food is amazing. It may not be the healthiest but it does all sorts of things to my taste buds. The food portions are mind-blowing but you can’t say that you don’t get good bang for your buck! From bagels, diners, burgers, to lobster it was all delicious and we where very spoilt for choice!


I loved the fashion. It seemed like people could recreate themselves and be whoever they wanted to be on any day of the week. From the preppy girl on Monday, to the punk on Tuesday! Expression at its finest.

I loved doing all the tourist things!
– Taking the Staten island ferry.
– Going up the top of the empire state building.
– Ice skating in central park.
– Going to a broadway show.
– Going on a Hudson river cruise.
– Seeing the statue of liberty.
– Eating at the oldest diner in NYC.
– Shopping at the original Tiffany’s!


Overall it was such a great trip! On the plane ride home I had a lot of time to think about my experiences in New York. It made me realise just how big the world is. We are one person, the circle of people we know are just a tiny amount. The world is so much bigger then we could ever imagine. There are so many different types of people going through different situations every day. Peoples life’s vary so much. All of these facts are common knowledge but when we are stuck in our own day-to-day routines you tend to forget just how insignificant you really are in the big bad world. With that being said it was nice to return home where people will recognise you, speak to you in the super market or give you a friendly smile.


166392_10150392794510393_4804293_n.jpgView from the top of the empire state building.

Not to toot my own horn but isn’t this a great picture?! Well I can’t really take credit for it as it was my husband who snapped it. We trekked across that bridge in the dark with no one else around… by this point I had pretty much pee’d my pants I was paranoid of who we might come across. Then we had to jump over a fence to get to the spot to take this picture. It was pretty frightening at the time being in an unfamiliar huge city thinking of all the what if’s. On the plus side we lived to tell the story and share one of my favourite pictures!




2 thoughts on “New York, New York.

  1. I loved this post, your photos are great! I’ve always to visit New York in the winter for Christmas and go shopping there, and this post just encapsulated what it must have been like to do that! I love that photo of the bridge there, the lights look so pretty and twinkly, so points to your husband for snapping that! Love the view from the Empire State building and the ice skating photos too. – Tasha


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