Primark Haul

Guess who went shopping! This girl!! Everything was super – duper affordable. God bless primark!

I went to the metro centre at Gateshead near Newcastle for the first time ever yesterday. It was nothing short of amazing!! It was so much like a Canadian mall – so many stores, entertainment, and such a great selection of places to eat!!!! My kinda heaven!

Sadly my 38 week pregnant self didn’t manage to go in ALL the shops I wanted to… or even really make it half way round the mall. When I had enough of shopping I climbed into the back of the car laid down and slept the entire journey home! I think its safe to say the day knackered me.

Anyways, your probably wondering by now what did you get?!!?? Here’s what I got:

IMG_2897.jpgThis is really lush night-shirt. It comes down to approximately my knees and I just needed it in my life. Perfect for future breastfeeding with the buttons down the front! I got it in the biggest size so there’s lots of room and it’s not going to cling to me.

IMG_2891.jpgThis lovely little baby grow which says born in 2017. This will be bubs first outfit!

A striped casual top. I think this would go with anything! I don’t think you can really tell from the picture but it’s actually a light blue colour and white stripes. Ideally I think this would look super cute with white jeans and tan sandals/purse. But let’s be real I am never going to put white jeans on. I just would never be able to keep them white for more than 5 minutes.  This top is really stretchy and nice and long I think it will soon become one of my  most worn things in my closet! Sometimes these £2.50 primark tops can last ages!

So everyone and their dog seems to be buying these sandals right now! I want to go back to Primark and buy them in a few different colours. They are the kinda sandal you can put on and they are instantly comfortable!!! Look at that price tag… £3.00 you can’t go wrong!

Now to me these ones aren’t quite so comfy as the black ones from the get go. I will have to wear them around the house to get my feet used to them. Honestly I just needed some sparkle in my life… and again that price tag £3.00!!!

Side note……This morning I’ve woken up with a weird bump on the side of my foot. I am having a mini panic attack that I’ve caught a wart or something equally as gnarly from trying on (barefoot) shoes yesterday!! It better be nothing!! Note to self always wear socks or stockings when trying on shoes… although that is a bit hard when trying sandals on!!!


IMG_2892.jpgLast but not least I got this necklace its one of those layered ones so it might look like three necklaces but in reality it’s just one. I am obsessed and so glad I bought this! Think I might be on the look out for more like this. Primark didn’t really have any all silver ones which was a bit disappointing. Then again it just gives me a good excuse to go back and check again! 😉


This might be a good time to mention that after ages of wanting to try it I got myself a bubble tea! It was totally lush! The amount of flavours to pick from was slightly overwhelming as they all sounded so good. My husband and me both found the drinks to be quite sweet so stick with a medium!! I don’t know how anyone would finish a large… to sickly sweet! And lord knows I’m usually all about the sweet stuff.

IMG_2887.jpgPS. The place is called mooboo… I can confirm it’s not moobs like my picture makes it look like! Oops!





One thought on “Primark Haul

  1. I do love Primark for how affordable it is,I could easily spend hours there! I love the jewellery section, I always find lots of little trinkets. Love the pieces you picked up here, The babygro you picked up is so cute, and I really like those sandals – I can’t wait for it to be hot enough for sandals again! – Tasha


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