Lidl seriously rocks my world. (For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lidl its a cheap and cheerful grocery store)
Yesterday we went to Maryport’s Lidl. The UK’s biggest Lidl! Why they opened the biggest lidl there of all places I’m not sure…. but I digress.

Lidl is amazing for some stuff! This weekend they where selling 2kg legs of lamb for £8!!!!!!!

30EFDE20-3C7A-4DD3-847F-A79A3BC80054.JPGRoll on easter dinner!!! 🙂 🙂

Can you believe that?! Cheap as chips! I must confess I am a huge lamb lover so this probably makes me even more happy than the average person.

We also bought our slow cooker from there for cheap, cheap,cheap which seems to be holding out well!

Yesterday I bought one of those really detailed grown up colouring books for 99p! Bargain!

Just wanted to make a little post to share my great finds at Lidl recently! #shoppingmakesmehappy #bargainsmakememorehappy

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