Made with love.

Home made anything is always better am I right? Be it food, gifts, or cards!

Today I’m going to tell you how to make a REALLY easy, simple gift.


The sugar scrub! There are SOOOO many varieties you can do once you’ve mastered the basic sugar scrub.


  • Sugar (obviously)
  • Olive oil
  • Honey
  • Vanilla Essence
  • Food colouring (I used pink)
  • Jar
  • Clean hands!


  1. Measure out enough sugar to more or less fill your jar(s).
  2. Add in a tiny bit of olive oil (You really don’t need much
  3. Add a small amount of honey. You can easily skip this step but I truly believe honey makes everything better!
  4. Add in the vanilla essence (this is to give it a nice scent, again less is more) Worth mentioning I once made a peppermint scrub with some fancy pants essential oils and it was amazing. SO refreshing in the shower and would make a nice candy cane themed scrub you could gift over the holiday period!
  5. Add a wee bit of food colouring and mix it all up with your clean hands until you have desired colour. It seems as though the kids really enjoy this step so make sure you get there little hands helping you out!
  6. Put it in the jar and there you have it! your very own home-made sugar scrub. If you want to be fancy stick a label on the jar saying what it is, or perhaps another label saying what ingredients it has in it! Tie a little ribbon around the top of the jar and there you have it!




A gift made with love which takes no longer then 10 minutes to make! The first time I made a scrub I used coconut oil instead of olive oil – you can really mix this recipe up and use whatever you have around the house! That first sugar scrub I made I think I put a bit too much oil in as it went very very slippery! I had a seriously close call in the shower since it made everything sooooo slippy! So learn from my mistake – less really is more!


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