Holy poop I did it!!!!!!

Recently something very, very, exciting happened for me! I passed my driving test. I officially have a British driving license. Sayyyyy what!!!  Do you know what that means? Freedom, independence, not having to rely on someone! Its bloody brilliant isn’t it!


Now your probably thinking errrrrr…. Mumundone your 27.  27 years old why on earth didn’t you already have your license… Well let me explain a bit.

Rewind to my teenage years in Canada I got my “L” which is where you have to drive with only one person that must be over a certain age. You had to keep this for a certain amount of time, then you could take another test for your “N.” Your N you had to keep for  at least 2 years. You still had some restrictions but at least you could now drive by yourself! When my 2 years where up and it was time to test again to drop the N and have a full Canadian license I had already moved to The Netherlands. My Canadian license eventually expired and was no good to me anywhere, except Canada since it was only an “N” and not a full license. WHAT A PAIN!!!!

Mind you to be quite honest while living in Amsterdam there is pretty much 0 need for a car. Everything is within biking distance or easy enough to get to with their amazing public transport links! I didn’t miss driving there at all.

Then when we moved to England I had the inspiration to start driving. I took a couple of lessons with someone who was TOTALLY the wrong driving instructor for me. He was Indian, with a very strong accent that I couldn’t understand for the life of me. I’m not to sure if he could understand me either. Basically it was a total nightmare. Living in a city I could walk anywhere I wanted to go and at the same time was saving money by not driving! Insurance is a real killer. So I sort of went off the idea of driving while we where living were we where. Anyways fast forward to last autumn when we moved to Cumbria.

We moved to a tiny village. Luckily my husband works from home so could drive me wherever most the time but it wasn’t ideal. Especially on the odd occasion he has to travel out of the country for work.

Anyways making a long story short I booked my test. The wait was meant to be about a month but there was a cancellation so I got in within days. I was totally unprepared I had no lessons other than the couple I took in Solihull. I wasn’t familiar with the roads they where going take me on, I am a terrible at reversing and nerves where strong! I felt like a total scatterbrain.  While driving round I kept thinking I was sure I left my hair straightener plugged in and the house would be on fire by now…. (Of course I unplugged it and there where no house fires to be had.)

The driving gods came together and gave me a really lovely tester. We chatted the entire test and she didn’t make me reverse into a parking bay! Thank GOODNESS! For whatever reason I find that really difficult!! With a few happy tears that was that! Now with any luck I won’t have to take another driving exam for years to come!!! What a relief.

Anyways I just wanted to share my great news with you all!!! Now look out world for the crazy Canadian driver in Cumbria! I promise I will drive on the left hand side of the road!


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