Happy April Fools!

April fools is SUCH a great day! I’ve always loved it. Who doesn’t love pulling off a sneaky trick here and there? When I married my husband April fools took on a whole new meaning. There is no one else in this world I get such pleasure out of pranking! In the first few years of us being together I would booby trap the whole house!

As you can imagine when April 1st rolls around every year my dear hubby says to me: You better not be planning anything.. I am on alert!

Last year was one of my favourite pranks… I snuck out of the house really early in the morning while he was still fast asleep and I wrote on the back of our car “Honk + Wave, April fools!”

I’m sure he thought something was up when I stood grinning from ear to ear waving him off as he went out in the car that day. Also the neighbours gardener gave him a great big smile and was watching him a little bit too much. Before he set off our usually quiet cul-de-sac had cars honking! Needless to say he got loads of honks and waves and finally figured it out!


This year I put up an ad on gumtree (a bit like craigs list/kijiji) for a Caravan. Of course I put a super low price on in hopes he would get a few phone calls and texts about it. I wasn’t sure if anyone would call but as luck would have it they did. They kept on calling, and calling! Within about an hour of posting this *mysterious* caravan for sale my husband had received 15 calls and numerous of text messages! I was totally impressed with how well this prank had gone off…. My husband on the other hand was not entirely amused. It was brilliant!



           The ad.


The messages


The calls

Have you guys ever pulled off any really good April fool’s pranks? I’d love to hear your stories! Perhaps it will give me some inspiration for future April fool’s days to come!



3 thoughts on “Happy April Fools!

  1. Awww, haha! I can never pull off pranks I always feel too bad about it, but these are great and aren’t too evil either so I like it! And you have to be able to have fun every now and again too, and it’s a nice, original April Fools’ too. My brother was born on this day so it’s always been very birthday themed throughout the year which may be why I’ve never done anything prank wise, so maybe I should now! I also tagged you in my latest post, for the One Lovely Blog Award, I’m passing it on to you and several others. 😀 – Tasha


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