France is such a big country I feel like I have barely scrapped the surface. UK is where we see our foreseeable long-term home being (at the moment.) Which means France is literally just a hop skip away. I dream of exploring southern France. Or perhaps taking a winter ski vacation to France – when the kids are a lot older! To sum it up I will return to France hopefully numerous of times throughout life and get to see more of the vast things it has to offer. For the sake of this particular blog post it will be about the time we road-tripped around Brittany, France.


Our week in Brittany was spent relaxing in hot tubs,pools and saunas.


Eating far to much of the delicious french bread and pastries.


Going for long walks through out the countryside in the glorious crisp fall weather.



Struggling with language barriers. Exploring quaint rustic villages.


Pulling up to as many chateaus as we could find to gawk at! Let it be known there is certainly no shortage of these in France!!


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