Mothers day 2017

You might have guessed (if you’ve read my valentine’s day post) That like Valentines day I consider mothers day to be a commercial waste of money holiday. With that being said I got truly spoiled this year and loved every minute of it!

It was a whooping 16 degrees in the North of England without a cloud in the sky. I woke up at some god awful time. Think it was about 4AM! I knew the girls had baked me a lemon cake I was dying to get into… No body else woke up till 8ish!! Those 4 hours all I could think about was lemon cake and a cup of a tea… I knew I couldn’t go dish myself up a piece or the kids would be disappointed.

At 8 they came in with breakfast in bed! (French toast, whip cream and strawberries!) By this time I was VERY hungry and didn’t take a picture before licking off my plate.

IMG_2549.jpgDo you like my new mug? 🙂

IMG_2552.jpgThis girl knows how to melt my heart! ❤ On another note she has just started trying to do joined up writing! Not to shabby for a 5-year-old?! #biased

Then after waddling my full pregnant self downstairs I was presented with the cake!!

IMG_2553.jpgBecause of the colour it looks like a chocolate cake? But it is lemon and damn good! I have been munching my way through it today too!

Then they whip out more goodies! Flowers, homemade sugar scrub, lush products! How pretty is that bath bomb?!


By now I am convinced mothers day is far better then birthdays even! My in-laws had planned to take the kids to a one-man show so we headed over to West Cumbria and had Sunday lunch with them. I got dished up a huge plate and managed to finish it all! I don’t know how I did this… by this point I felt as though I was in a serious food coma! While they where at the show my hubby and I got some nice time alone. We did some easter shopping and bra shopping! I was in desperate need of some new bras. My boobies just won’t stop growing!! This might be what some girls dream of… for me it is a nightmare… when you’re on the “big” side before becoming pregnant and just watch them explode over the months. I dread to think how big they will be when the milk comes in. Anyways I am getting side tracked here…. After we finished up at the shops we went to a pub called the kirkstyle inn. If you live in Cumbria you need to go here! It’s such a lovely old pub. If you do find yourself there for the love of god make sure you order  a scone. No where else does better scones! Not only are they huge, moist, served with great clotted cream/jam but they always come warm!!!! D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!

IMG_2559.jpgIMG_1643.jpgI took this picture about 2 minutes from the kirkstyle inn just to give you an idea of the setting of the place!

All in all an absolutely wonderful mothering Sunday. I don’t think next years will be able to top it – you never know!

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