Northumberland– Visit all 48 English counties

I’d like to eventually be able to say I have visited all 48 counties England has. Not just drive through but spend some time, do at least one thing in each county. I don’t intend to do one mega trip crossing places off… My bank account simply won’t allow for that. So my idea is to slowly cross the counties off and blog about each county/what I got up to. If you have any recommendations of things I simply must do in a specific place please let me know!!!

When you think of Northumberland you probably think of Newcastle. This blog post about Northumberland is going to be a bit more of the off the beaten track side of Northumberland. As I haven’t quite made it to Newcastle yet but I am hoping to within the next few weeks! Stay tuned for a “Day out in Newcastle” post!

Our first stop was a tiny fishing village called Craster. Did it ever smell like fish. Perhaps that was my overly sensitive pregnancy nose or it could have been we walked past a fish smoking place…


It was a small place with very limited parking. There was a beautiful castle about a mile down from the village on the coast front. (Dunstanburgh castle)


You couldn’t park super close to the castle so had to walk.


Every person we saw here had wellies, huge rubber gloves and smelt of fish. Once we had enough of that we hopped in the car.

Next stop was the holy island of Lindisfarne. I had high hopes for this! The reviews on trip advisor and pictures on the website looked great! Sadly the weather wasn’t on our side and neither was the tide. I can’t stress how important it is to check when high tide and low tide is if your going to drive all the way there. Due to the tide we parked, had a look at the signs, strained our eyes to see if we could see any of the famous puffins or seals the island is home to. Leaving with no luck at all!


Next stop Berwick-upon-Tweed. A place full of history (that I won’t bother boring you with) Has a lovely old feel to it. The highlight was this breath-taking railway bridge (The Royal Border Bridge.) It isn’t actually on the border of Scotland/England – that’s 3 miles further north.


It has 28 arches!!! Yes I did count them all! We tried to get a quick snap of the bridge while a train was on it however we weren’t quite quick enough!

Here’s the view looking the other way, over the road bridge.977949CF-68CF-4580-9936-F8F7A236E5E1.jpg


By this time we where getting rather hungry. We picked a pub and really lucked out. Brewers arms which is on the main shopping street. It was really reasonably priced! I had a roast lamb dinner and a trifle for dessert. Totally in at £7.95. (Even better was my Dad treated)  It was very tasty and the service was good!


Since I’m an english heritage member I had ‘Housesteads roman fort’ on my hit list for a little while. It was a great place to stop off – was windy and very cold but I guess that’s expected when visiting in the winter months. As this post is getting rather long I will save all the details of Housesteads for a separate post.

Housesteads Roman Fort.jpg

I look forward to exploring more of Northumberland – especially Newcastle!


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