St. Patrick’s Day 2017

Happy St. Patty’s day everyone!!!

Every Saint Patrick’s day I like to do a little something, something for the kids. Making sure they have some sort of green clothing on. Making a Saint Patrick’s day themed craft with them, or it could be as simple as hiding some gold chocolate coins around the house that a leprechaun must have left!

This year I feel completely unprepared it wasn’t till around lunch that I even realised it was St. Patrick’s day. So now I have to come up with some thing to do with the kids after school. Luckily I have green food colouring in the house. Perhaps we will make cupcakes with green icing on. Or make some giant four leaf clovers out of paper. On another thought if I can find some paper plates in the back of one of the cupboards we could make a leprechaun. I am thinking of sticking on some googley eyes – using either wool or cotton balls for some hair/beard… and seeing what we come out with from there. If I don’t have any paper plates you could do this with some sturdy paper or even cut up the cereal box!

I will tell my kids the same joke I tell them every Saint Patricks day (although they probably won’t remember it… as they usually can’t remember what they eat for breakfast.) Why do frogs love Saint Patricks day? * They are always wearing green. Hardy harr harr….

In Canada Saint Patricks is made into kind of a big deal. All the bars will be selling green beer today which is always lots of fun. People will be dressed in green to go out this evening. Most girls probably have had there outfits planned out for weeks. People go all out:


It’s weird how Canada and America go all out on this holiday when places like England barely acknowledge it. Any excuse for a good party thought right?! đŸ˜‰

Now I’m off to go hunt in my closet for something green to put on. That way when I pinch the kids for wearing no green after school…. they won’t be able to pinch me back!



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