Day out in Dumfries.

Today I decided to head to Dumfries, Scotland for a little bit of exploring.

I lucked out with the weather as it actually stayed dry!!! I went to powfoot beach which can be a lovely place to visit. Today it was particularly windy and freezing so I didn’t stay to long before jumping back into the warm car.

(I made a youtube video of Powfoot beach a couple of months ago when I visited with the family.. it might give you a better idea of what its like there)

Afterwards I headed to Caerlaverock Castle. It felt very remote but it was totally worth the drive. With my english heritage card I got 50% off entry. I walked down to the old castles foundations and had a look at that.

IMG_2402.jpg It was really quite a small castle so when walking over to the newer castle I was quite startled by the contrast in size. A few hundred years later some work was done to the castle to make it a luxurious mansion! You could see lots of nice features on the fire places and beautiful decorations above windows. It was really rather nice!

IMG_2404.jpg There was lots of open space for picnics in the summer and a great kids playground to keep those little ones entertained! IMG_2399.jpg

BE WARNED: Pigeons seem to live in every nook and cranny of this castle. So when entering a dark room be aware  birds might start flying out at you. This caught me off guard and I let out a startling high-pitched shriek, almost wetting myself! Luckily there weren’t many people around to witness my ridiculous moment.

After we were done with Caerlaverock Castle we drove back down towards Annan. We stopped in at the Cafe Royal for lunch. I found it on trip advisor and seemed as if it had good reviews and was cheap! It wasn’t my normal typical cozy english pub. When we walked in every table but 1 was taken. It was VERY loud and people seemed a bit sketchy. I did think about turning around back out the door but as I knew it had so many good reviews I thought what the heck, lets give it a go. My meal was good, my Dad’s was “okay.” The accents round there where very strong and between the two of us we couldn’t understand a word anyone was saying! Our drinks were served in plastic cups and we had to order at the till. Pretty much next to no service… needless to say I don’t think I will be returning even if my steak and gravy pie was good!


All in all it was a good day, might have been a lot nicer on a warmer summers day but enjoyed having the castle nearly completely to ourselves!


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