Keukenhof – The Netherlands

I don’t have much to say about Keukenhof other than: GO!

215980_10150592721330393_7933719_n.jpgBreath taking is an understatement. Early April is the time to go. Usually the tulip fields are in full bloom (weather dependent.) Entrance fees are rather pricey however it is worth the euros!! Don’t forget to bring your camera!!!!! Trying to arrive as soon as they open is a great tip as the day goes on it gets ram packed with tourists!

562516_10151762528205393_503345817_n.jpgWouldn’t this make a lovely backdrop for a photo shot! In another life perhaps I’ll have Keukenhof as my wedding venue!

224846_10150592720330393_8217157_n.jpgMy Mum taking in all the smells!

222321_10150592721565393_6783900_n.jpg221964_10150592721805393_2348240_n.jpg216416_10150592721020393_7640326_n.jpgMy hunky hubby, and my 5 day overdue baby bump! I love this photo as I can remember feeling so happy, the scenery the company and what an exciting time in our live’s!


2 thoughts on “Keukenhof – The Netherlands

  1. I agree with your advice to go. It is a stunning park and the landscapes are so perfect it’s almost unreal. I went there a few years ago but remember it vividly.


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