Whats in my bathroom?

I would love to fill this post with photos of a beautiful marble bathroom, spotlessly clean and sparkling. Perhaps a vase with some gorgeous peonies and of course a bowl filled to the rim of lush products.

Unfortunately that isn’t my reality. Most of the time when I walk into my bathroom (our en suite) it’s like walking into a bomb sight. WHY?!!? Surely your very own bathroom in your bedroom can be the one clean room in the house right? WRONG. As I open the door to the bathroom I am greeted with damp towels or dirty clothes. Laundry hampers are apparently invisible to everybody in the house. Then I get a whiff of a weird smell, on checking the toilet I see one of the kids has gone and decided not to flush. Great – why can’t they use their own damn toilet?! Ours is a bit fiddly to flush theirs isn’t!! Then I glance over to the sink… it’s either covered in the kids toothpaste. Seriously why is my bathroom so appealing to use over their own? If it’s not the kids toothpaste it’s sometimes a mess from the shave my husband had the night before. This is a HUGE pet peeve for me. He is usually pretty good at cleaning it up now after I’ve been on his case about it for years… but it’s still not perfection. Moving onto the bath this is usually okay. Perhaps an old cup of tea or an empty packet of biscuits. Both these things irk me to no end and back however they are an easy clean up!! I’m not sure I will ever get the appeal of eating while in the bath though?! Ah each to their own! My husband is constantly go, go, going so when he likes to unwind in the bath watching a movie and munching away on god knows what who am I to judge.

Anyways, now you have the basics of my reality you can imagine that bunch of peonies and  a bowl full of expensive bath products doesn’t fit into my life. Instead I go for something affordable, which is going to last me awhile which is still a nice product. I’ve tried lots of products trying to find the hidden gem which ticks all the boxes. These are my go to’s at the moment:


These are the bomb-dot-com. I’ve been using the coconut milk shampoo and conditioner for about a year. First off the smell is A-fricking-mazing! Not to mention it leaves your hair feeling nice. At least nicer than before you used this product! I went out on a whim recently and tried the organ oil of morocco – its nice but I think because of the smell the coconut milk one is a tiny bit better in my books.

Next up is my ultimate favourite body scrub:31DF2C92-32DE-49AB-B50C-B29FBAB9445E.JPG

Now I know what your thinking L’occitane isn’t the cheapest of cheap brands. However you just need to use the tiniest amount. This tub has seriously lasted me forever! So when I think about price per use it works out to be just as cheap as Avon, Tesco, Sainsbury’s body scrubs. The quality is just so much better… in fact I think last year it was rated the best body scrub of the year? I would probably rip my kids heads off if the first day I got this they decided to be the kind angels they are and tip the whole tub into the bath or something ridiculous. So don’t let your kids get their grubby little hands on it! #cheapo


Moving along to guy stuff…


Mr.S (my husband) ordered these bad boys off amazon. He loves this stuff and I must say after he uses it his hair does feel extra, extra soft. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did his research on what hair products make your hair super soft-so he gets more head rubs.


Sounds like pretty amazing stuff. Now I don’t think this was the cheapest mens shampoo/conditioner so he took a bit of a gamble when he bought it but it was worth the gamble. Great product for a low-medium cost.

He also ordered a shower gel off of amazon. Lord knows we are a serious amazon loving family!


This smells good and has a real natural clean feel to it. I suppose that’s what the aim of the game is when showering isn’t it? He plans to repurchase and think it will be his go to shower gel for quite a while. Just having a look at this product at amazon and see you can get the matching shampoo and conditioner. Has loads of fab reviews!




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