Cork, Ireland

I’ve always wanted to go to Ireland. The land of colourful buildings, lush countryside, redhead’s and one of the worlds BEST accents.

As soon as we booked our flights I died my hair bright red all because I was going to Ireland. Is that crazy? Maybe?…Btw let it be said be very cautious dying your hair red. It takes flipping ages to try to get that red/brassy colour out of your hair!!!

250277_10150744058360393_6781899_n.jpgThe red hair in all its glory…

So we flew into Cork and explored the city a bit. It was nice… but the real beauty was what surrounded Cork. Green country side and more green country side. Lots of roads with big bushy trees covering them leaving you essentially driving through a tunnel of nature. We booked ourself into an ancient stone cottage in pretty much the middle of no where. It was so peaceful. The only noise we could hear other than the un preventable rain where these fellas.251451_10150744058845393_6563775_n.jpg

They shared our front garden with us.

As we explored the surrounding tiny villages we stumbled upon a country fair which was really fun to check out and speak to the friendly locals. I unfortunately didn’t hear anyone speaking Gaelic however was pleasantly surprised to see it written on so many of the signs still!


I found the food to be incredible in Ireland. Perhaps it’s because I am a huge seafood lover…It is an island after all! We spent quite a bit of time down at the harbour watching the fisherman bring in the catches of the day. (So did a fair few cheeky birds!) We ate everything from lobster to scampi and the most amazing seafood chowder I have ever had!


I found it hard not to be one of those annoying people imitating the Irish accent. After a good few days of practising it I thought I had it down pat. My husband begs to differ!

I’d like to go back to Cork and surrounding area one day! Not just for the tasty food but for some more views like this:


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