Pancake day/Shrove Tuesday.

As most, if not all of you are aware yesterday was pancake day. Only one of the best English traditions!

To me pancakes should NEVER be savoury, but then again I am kinda all about the sweet stuff…

Growing up in Canada I was used to those super thick fluffy “American” style pancakes. Yuckkkkkkie. They where always dry no matter how much maple syrup I drenched them in. If I ever requested my lovely Dad (the pancake man of the house) to make them with chocolate chips in they would always stick to the pan. They where just kind of overall a nightmare.

When I moved to Holland and heard all the hype about the dutch pancakes I  had to give them a try. I had the shock of my life while sitting in a pancake house when placed before me was a crepe. I was sure I had ordered a pancake….My first time trying such a thing… it was delicious crisp round the outside, not dry, kept all the wonderful toppings on!! It was basically heaven in my mouth. Here is one of my many dutch pancakes – covered in icing sugar and peaches.


When I moved to England I was pleasantly surprised again. An english pancake is the same as a dutch pancake just without all the hype surrounding it. (Un less of course its pancake day.)

When my husband first put lemon and sugar on his pancake I thought this had to be one of the weirdest things I’d ever seen him do. After 2 years living in England I can confirm this is totally not weird. It is in fact what most english people put on their pancakes/crepes! It’s very tasty and I totally recommend you try it if you haven’t already!!! With that being said I can imagine it would be god awful on the “American” style pancakes. They would just taste too dry!


Anyways back to pancake day yesterday… I made them twice in one day! I know your thinking now, now that’s a bit overkill isn’t it? Let me explain.

Picture this: Me relaxing at home mid afternoon when the phone rings. “Hello Mrs. S, this is the school calling could you please collect your daughter as she isn’t very well.”

So I race round to the school to be greeted by one sad 5-year-old. The entire class is making pancakes and she’s been told she has to go back to boring home…. So some how on the 2 minute walk back to home I promised her as soon as we got home we could make pancakes.


So we did and this seemed to cheer her up for a whole 3 minutes.

The original plan was to just make them as dessert after dinner not chow down on them in the middle of the afternoon when neither of us where particularly hungry.

Anyways for the sake of my husband we had them again after dinner. He is far better at making them then me… I’m not to sure why it’s not all that hard to make a pancake really is it? Maybe its just food always tastes better when someone else has made it for you? #lazygirl

Here is mine: a whole lot of whip cream and bananas!!

IMG_2173.jpg(Sorry I didn’t make it all pretty for a picture… after telling everyone to eat their dinner a million times I had lost the will to live. Let alone had any patience left to make a pretty picture!)

Hope you all had a lovely pancake day!!! What do you like to put on your pancakes? Do you prefer English style pancakes or American?

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