Ice-cream farm say what?!

Imagine a place where dreams come true. If you like ice-cream that is… 40 flavours of ice-cream made right there on the family run farm you say!!! Sounds like a  perfect place for me. As if the place doesn’t sound great yet… there is an indoor AND outdoor play area, ride on tractors… and it all costs a whooping £0!!! There aren’t to many places you can go free of entry with an indoor playground anymore. SO this place is great to visit rain or shine!!!


On our most recent visit (February,2017) they have the cutest friggin’ jersey cows you can go stroke. I kinda fell in love with one and was plotting how to get it back home and keep it as a pet… my husband wasn’t so keen on the idea! Booo men!!!





Wondering where this place is? I don’t blame you! Its just outside of Penrith, Cumbria.

check opening times and exact address here:


Here’s my ice cream from our last visit – pistachio and green apple eat your heart out!!!


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