Tips to surviving half term.

As Sunday evening is approaching – the eve of back to school I figured this would be an appropriate post.

Today my kids have fought like cats and dogs literally all day. I am so ready to get back into Monday routine! With that said we have had some really nice moments this week.

A few things we did to keep them busy:

  • Learning activity books. They both love playing teacher, helping one another practise reading, writing, maths etc. This is one of my go to’s as they never seem to fight or bicker while doing this. It also pleases me that they are still at that age where the enjoy practising things like math… long let it last!
  • Building forts. If you came over to our house this past week you may wonder why there is an abundance of pillows/blankets and chairs turned over all over the place.
  • Walks. Rain or shine getting out of the house is good for them.. and for my own sanity! Having a dog gives us the perfect excuse to get out for a walk. Yesterday we went on a little longer of a walk which I predicted they might need some encouragement for as it was gloomy, wet and miserable. I had a pack of M&M’s in my pocket as energy tablets. I think made each of them a list of things they had to find. Benches – tree stumps – ducks – dog – pinecones – worm and so on. They really seemed to enjoy this I think we will be doing it more often!
  • Theatre show. So many places always have loads of events on over half term, we found a play production of Alice and Wonderland. It was a hit!
  • IMG_1498.jpg
  • Baking.
  • Reading.
  • Helping out cleaning. Yes I got them to do all the vacuuming, change there bed sheets, sort their wardrobes and they absolutely loved doing it!
  • IMG_2058.jpg
  • Lego. God I love Lego!
  • Ipad/tv. There was screen time to be had! I ain’t one of “those mum’s” who can do without it!!!
  • Games. The kids favourites are UNO, What, snap, snakes and ladders, hungry hippos all very suitable for ages 4 & 5.
  • Granny. Get some family to come over! The kids granny came over for the day and as always she was great entertainment for them!
  • Baths. Let them spend as long as they want in there! They are contained and can’t make too much mess right?? Says the mother of the worlds biggest splashers…


Other ideas/suggestions would be camp in your backyard (weather permitting) – go swimming – cinema – beach – English heritage or nation trust (they always have something on over half term) – science world, zoo, farm etc.

Our half term wasn’t overly exciting we stayed home most days and I do think the kids were bored from time to time. You might have seen those posts circling around about let your kids be bored and how good it is for them. I couldn’t agree anymore with that statement. If we where out doing stuff all the time I don’t think I would have got to see *hedgehogs* creeping around my house, or  karate kids or the 22 different ways my 4-year-old could make my scarf into a new outfit. Let me tell you… fashion at its finest!

Hope all you other mummies survived half term without to many falling outs with the kid(s). Looking forward to the house going back to an untidy level instead of tornado half term through out every single room!




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