Day out in Cumbria: Brougham castle/hall & Clifton Hall

In a couple of months our beloved english heritage memberships will run out. Of course we could renew them but I think we will give National Trust a try this year.

So with this being said we’ve been zooming round all the local english heritage places trying to make the most out of the free entry while it lasts. Today we went to brougham castle, Brougham Hall and Clifton Hall and a quick drive by of king arthurs round table.

Brougham castle was the highlight of the day for me.


When you approach this ruin it looks pretty spectacular. I’m not sure if that’s due to size or the surroundings it stands in. There are signs dotted about the castle giving information throughout. I do wish the signs said: This is the great room, or kitchen etc. as it was pretty much guess-work as to what you where looking at in that regard. The lady on the front desk if very friendly and knowledgeable. She shared just how old the castle is, how the river (right next to the castle) used to be a boarder and so on.



Next stop was Brougham Hall (just down the road maybe a 2 minute drive) They do ask for a donation, as they are restoring the place and could obviously do with any extra funds. The girls loved the little door you have to go through to enter the hall….


They however where not so keen on the creepy big door knocker.

IMG_2004 2.jpg

This door knocker (is that what they are even called??!!) Dates back… years.. and years and years.. seriously its really old, I can’t remember all the dates/facts but if you are a bit of a history buff you should have a google about this knocker! It’s 1 out of 4 in England and the one which has managed to stay in the best condition. A lot of other interesting stuff about it that I can’t remember… because my memory is like a goldfish… or should we just call it pregnancy baby brain?

Brougham hall has the remains of an old roman road which ran from York to Carlisle. I love looking at old roman roads… look this one even has a bend in it! It must have been such a bumpy ride back in the day!IMG_2010.jpg

Especially when travelling in something like this:



I wonder how folks of a larger shape managed to fit in the back of these carriages. They are so tiny! Especially if they where travelling for any amount of time! I wonder if people will say that about planes, or smart cars in years to come from now?

Next was King arthurs round table. It was literally a field with some humps and bumps in it. I could see how it has potential to be an interesting stop.. but it wasn’t the type of thing that was going to keep us or the kids entertained. So we had a quick look out the car window and drove straight to Clifton Hall

I’d say you need about 15 minutes give or take to do Clifton Hall. There really isn’t much to it.IMG_2016.jpg

Clifton hall is based on a working farm! My kids managed to get covered in mud/poo/brown stuff while walking from the car to the hall. (It’s a 1 minute walk!!! So that was impressive work done by the kids..) If you try the middle door pictured it’s usually open and you can go in and have a better look around.

I wouldn’t say any of these sites where the best EH (english heritage) sites but if your near Penrith and looking for something to do they are interesting and all so close together it made for a nice day out!



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