Valentines day


Everyone has an opinion of valentines day heres mine:

I like all things red, white and pink. I like flowers, I like receiving cards, and naturally I love chocolates.

Here’s the catch. I like these things all throughout the year. I like them even more when I don’t wince while thinking of the price of these things around valentines day.

It is SUCH a commercial rip off holiday! Now before you go thinking I am a total valentines day scrooge or something let me tell you, I do celebrate valentines day. Just in a more cost affective way.

I usually will make a home-made card out of things I already have lying around the house. I will make some valentines day decorations to put up around the house. On occasion I will try to make some sort of yummy treat in the shape of a heart, or chocolate covered strawberries. If there is an excuse to make something yummy… chances are I probably will if

a) I have the time.
b) I’m not feeling to lazy.


I will also try and wear red or pink on valentine’s day…183108_10150427425660393_2643173_n.jpg

Looking very pink on Valentines in Athens, Greece. Looking behind me it would appear no one else got the pink memo? And yes my buttons do look like they are about to pop up… I would just like to clarify that’s not from over indulging in delicious greek food, or valentines day treats their was a baby growing in that tummy of mine!



Another pink inspired valentines day outfit spent in Paris. Did I really use to wear skirts that short?! #ohlifebeforekids

My ultimate favourite thing to do on valentine’s day is make a scavenger hunt for my husband and/or kids. They are addicted to scavenger hunts! I absolutely love watching them hunt for clues around the house.

Another great, easy, completely free idea is make a photo slide show with meaningful photos of you and your lover. Putting a soppy song over the top of this really adds to the emotion. Maybe “your song” or if your married your wedding song.

Write a poem (this is bloody hard so no judgement if you read this suggestion and think sod that)

Something a little bit easier – write YOUR love story down. Sounds cheesy but hey – ho.

I lied my favourite thing I usually do on valentine’s day is post a card to a un-expecting friend. Inside the card I usually write;

” To a devil from a devil, who the devil sent this?
Happy Valentines day! XX”

Within hours there is usually a fb status saying who left the me the card?? This causes me way to much enjoyment! I seriously love pulling off a good prank. One year a women I did this to was talking to me about who could have sent the card… she suspected it might have been her hot gym instructor!!! I think she must have been a bit disappointed when I finally owned up! Ha Ha Ha!

Valentines day 2017 – Being the romantic that I am I haven’t planned anything for my husband this year. It’s been more about the kids. Today after school I helped them both make a Valentines day card/ picture for them to give to Daddy in the morning.

IMG_1927.jpgThey also helped me make so decorations for the house. Yarn hearts, we’ve hung them over the fire-place and if I do say so myself they look great! 🙂 I think that will be the extent of our Valentines day celebrations this year.

Tomorrow will have a lot of cringe worthy moments while facebook floods with people feeling the need to show off they are loved, or what wonderful things they have done on the day or night, or my personal favourite who got the biggest/bestest bunch of flowers. It is a propper pet peeve of mine. Hopefully I don’t sound to much like an old bitter jealous women…

So what do you think? Do you love valentines day? Do you hate it? Is it a holiday really only for people in relationships? Tell me your thoughts… and if you  have any great valentines day pranks please share them!!!!



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