Food in Edinburgh

Food, one of my favourite things in this world.

As promised in my previous blog entry a follow up of a couple wonderful places to eat in Edinburgh.

Lets start at one of the first stops. Waverly station. The food court is amazing, endless selection. Some how I ended up grabbing a boring hamburger from Burger King (Lack of time) but they had a Sushi place in the station! Thats right a SUSHI PLACE! When you live in Cumbria which has approximately ZERO sushi places this is kind of a big deal. It also had a bubble tea place. Now I have actually never tried bubble tea but it looks amazing and when I return to Waverly station you bet your bottom dollar I will be making time to try out a bubble tea!!!


From the minute you arrive in Edinburgh the food choices/restaurants are endless!

On to more exciting places instead of a train station… (seriously it really doesn’t take much to impress me.)

The wildfire:

Probably my favourite restaurant in Edinburgh that I’ve tried so far. Size wise it’s comparable to my living room, or if I’m being generous my living room + dining room. So needless to say it has an intimate feeling. Tables are fairly close together which is the one downfall. But when your usually with the loudest most obnoxious group (said with love) this won’t be a problem. The staff is unbelievably friendly which goes a long way in my books. Portion sizes are HUGE I only had a main and could barely finish of my dish. I ordered this amazing sea food dish with muscles, clams, fresh fish of the day… AHHHH it was DEVINE!

photo0jpg.jpg I needn’t say too much more because the reviews on trip advisor say it all. (Isn’t that site just the most helpful site ever!?!) Its mentioned on trip advisor about a thousand times already… but I couldn’t recommend this place without saying call ahead and book a table!!! Have witnessed loads of people being turned away at the door!


Next on my list is: The Grain

Centrally located, and tucked away, climb up to the 1st floor and you will find this gem of a place. From the moment you step foot in the door it has such character, with stone walls and a candlelit atmosphere it has real potential to be very romantic. If there with the right person (Unfortunately I was not.)

web+cover+pic+mock+up_small.jpgThey make everything in-house, delicious baked bread, pasta and yummy desserts. Speaking of desserts the Creme Brûlée was the star of the show for me! When it arrived I had my doubts… it looked more or less like a scoop of ice-cream. I was wrong… so wrong. It melted in my mouth like nothing has before!!!! IMG_1623.JPGCreme Brûlée ^^^

The menu itself is a bit fancy-pants. To be honest if I didn’t have the trusty help of google on my phone I wouldn’t have had a clue what half the food on the menu was. I suppose I could have asked the servers they where excellent and very helpful! My waitress was actually a fellow Canadian, probably explains why she was so friendly… not that I am biased to Canadians or anything.. 😉
As any good restaurant make sure you book ahead. These places book up quickly… and after eating there I now know why!

Here is a glimpse of the unusual meals served:



I can’t find the exact description of the main I ordered but it was wild hare and came with a warning that shot may still be in the meal! I don’t know why but I found this rather amusing! Luckily I can confirm I didn’t break any teeth while crunching down on a bullet!

Do you have any restaurant recommendations I should check out next time in Edinburgh? If so please leave me a comment/message. I really love food and would appreciate it!

Sincerely, my inner fat girl.




3 thoughts on “Food in Edinburgh

  1. Oh I’ve always wanted to try Bubble Tea, so I must take a trip to Edinburgh this year at some point! The sushi restaurant sounded great too, and that creme brulee looked so yummy! – Tasha


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