Edinburgh, Scotland

First off can I just say: What a lovely city!

Yes it is very grey, it does rain a lot and there seems to be a never ending supply of cobbled stoned hills to walk up! But with that aside the cheer of the people, stunning buildings, ancient history, tasty pubs and kilts easily make up for any rain you may encounter!

For one of the 5 million moves of mine we decided to move to Edinburgh. It only lasted 1 month but that was to no fault of the city itself. We stayed in temporary accommodation here: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/1482995 Which was the perfect spot for us. If you are a party of 4 or more I would highly recommend checking out Anne’s flat. It backs onto the park which is the base of the famous “Arthur’s Seat” hike. Near the parliament buildings and palace this area is full of atmosphere and only a short walk into the city centre. I can’t promise you won’t have to walk up any hills to get there though!!

Pushing a double stroller up the hills of Edinburgh… #joysofmotherhood #whyamIsmiling

Speaking of Arthurs seat let me warn you about it. Now I am not a fit, run a few miles every day kind of gal but more of your average fitness level. I get puffed after climbing big hills. Arthurs seat is a big hill.. is just keeps going and going. The ground is very uneven so wear sensible footwear… no really wear those ugly hiking boots even if it clashes with your cute outfit. Bring a hat along too it gets chilly once you’ve made it to the very peak. I was super duper cleaver and packed a chocolate croissant and a big bottle of water. I allowed myself the water on rest breaks but told myself I was only allowed the chocolate pastry once I climbed to the top of the extinct  volcano AKA Arthurs seat. Now let me tell you this… no chocolate croissant has ever, or will ever taste so good I am sure of it!


With all this being said the view from the top is defiantly worth the effort. Unless you are one of the unlucky ones who face fog/cloud unexpectedly like yours truly. Grrrr!!! I did really enjoy the walk even if we missed out on the view and would recommend doing it, at least once. Maybe only once… once is certainly enough for me!

I stayed briefly in another airbnb: https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/722675 It was in a super great location, and great for what I wanted – a comfortable, safe place to crash, centrally located being just off the Royal Mile. However don’t book this place if you are a light sleeper. As it is right downtown, with what appears to be single glass windows you can hear everything! The drunk girl fighting with her boyfriend at 3AM. The young lads who drank to much and are being sick on the street outside the flat. Or what about the gang of friends who thought 4:00AM would be a great time to blast out in there best singing voices “I will always love you – Celine Dion.” etc. etc. You get the point. I’m glad I left the family behind while staying here otherwise I would have been one bitchin’ mummy come morning. But if your looking for something with your mates book this place! Seriously it was such a great location for stumbling back home to late at night!!

I will write a separate post tomorrow about some of the great restaurants I’ve been lucky enough to try in Edinburgh. Most of them you could walk right past without noticing there was even a restaurant there. Just how I like it, semi hidden, small, understated but with amazing food!

Signing off for the evening now, betting I will dream of chocolate croissants tonight!



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