A couple of years later…

Years ago I made my first blog post. Years?!!! Where does the time go… I must have been quite sleep deprived at the time because I hardly remember writing that very first post ” Hello world.”

In fact it wasn’t until I tried to sign up to wordpress to start a fresh new blog when it was telling me my email address already had an account?! Perhaps my memory isn’t as good as it once was… which is another reason for me to start up blogging.

In the past years I’ve moved around 10 times within 3 different countries!! So I have plenty of stories and experiences to share. Life is kind of crazy and I am hoping/praying that 2017 will be the calm, relaxed year I am hoping for….

As relaxed as popping out your third child can be that is! Yes that is right I am due with my third baby in 12 weeks time!  In other words 90 Days ~ 2,160 Hours ~ 129,600 Minutes ~ 7,776,000 Seconds (Not that I am counting down the time or anything crazy obsessive as that.)  So with all fair warning you can expect your fair share of baby related posts, along side travel adventures, bargain finds, activities to do with your family, birthday party planning tips, recipes, and random thoughts… You know just general day to day Mum stuff..

Hoping to write here fairly often! If any of this takes your interest please subscribe or leave me a comment/message. I wouldn’t know but I can imagine receiving comments/messages from a blog you’ve written could be quite exciting! 🙂

Until next time.

(Which defiantly 100% won’t be  years away!!)

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